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A Pizza D'Action for Everyone!

As times change, Pizza D'Action continues to craft or menu toward the growing range of menu requirements of our fantastic and diverse customer base. Our menu started out as that of a more simple pizza shop, and as we grew, we continued to add many varieties of pizza, subs and salads. Dinners and calzones soon followed.

As always, we strive to create offerings of quality, even above quantity. Although party-sized pizza and huge grinders (subs) are available at many of our fine competitors, we have always included the best ingredients and the most generous amount of toppings and fillings on and in every product we offer. We create your meals as we would for ourselves. Top shelf ingredients, generous portions, and always to your exact specification!

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that our slogan has changed from "Everybody wants a Pizza D'Action" to "A Pizza D'Action for Everyone!" As we, ourselves have seen our dietary tastes and needs change, we have diversified our menu to offer an amazing and wider range of menu offerings.

  • Meatlover offerings so over-the-top delicious and rich that you will not find more generous and delicious portions anywhere!

  • Vegetarian offerings so rich, fresh and delightful that you will never miss meat while your dining with us!

  • Vegan offerings in a growing selection that will make you wonder why you haven't been eating vegan all along!

  • Gluten-free offerings in almost all areas of our menu. Just as amazing as the rest of our menu. Pizza / Subs / Dinners and Appetizers

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