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Keeping our standards high.

Recent changes in Massachusetts labor laws have resulted in great news for local workforces. Massachusetts has raised the rate of minimum wage by one dollar in 2014, and in 2015, and will rise another dollar on January 1st 2016 to $11 per hour for non-tipped employees.

In addition, we, the voters of Massachusetts have instituted sick time wages for all full and part-time employees which began on the first of July 2015. This is great news for those employed in our area, and we support these changes fully.

As this represents a dramatic increase in starting wages and benefits, as consumers we can all expect to see the price of our products and services rise appropriately. At Pizza D'Action, we are finding it necessary to make price adjustments required to maintain our high standards. Although these increases will have to be a bit more significant than what we have seen in the past, please be assured that our product, portions and service will all remain as fine as ever.

At Pizza-D, as always, you can expect:

The freshest, finest ingredients that are available for us to offer to you.

The amazingly generous portions, toppings and fillings that we have built our business on.

The best customer service in the area.

Your meals created to your exact specification and served to you in the least amount of time possible.

As always, nearly all of our product is made from scratch, with fresh vegetables and top quality ingredients.

We also strive to use renewable / recyclable packaging wherever possible and have been recycling as much of our waste packaging as possible. We were recycling long before local ordinances required it.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for these significant increases in wages for local employees, and that you will continue to support Pizza-D and other small local businesses as we transition in these increasingly challenging times.


Scott Lucchesi

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